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Ravello is rich in ancient villas, archaeological remains, ecclesiastical treasures and splendid gardens. It measures 1 mile from North to South and ¼ mile East to West. The village slopes gently down the hillside from a central pedestrianised piazza dominated by a remarkable 11th-century cathedral and its 13th-century bell tower.

The cobbled and stepped streets, coupled with an almost total ban on cars, create an atmosphere of unhurried tranquillity, a romantic haven from the bustle of the outside world. Middle- and upmarket couples. Peace-seekers, history buffs, photographers, writers and artists seeking an atmospheric base away from the more sophisticated resorts nearby. You will find a couple of 5-star hotels, half-a-dozen 4-stars and some small, simple properties in and around the village centre.

Some incorporate well-preserved Roman and medieval architectural remains. A little self catering. Regular bus service to nearby Amalfi, with onward connections to Salerno, Sorrento and Naples. A small local taxi firm is also available to tourists.


Ravello is situated a third of the way up the boot of Italy, high above the Amalfi Coast, overlooking Salerno Bay (20 miles West of Salerno, 7 miles North of Amalfi, 172 mls South East of Rome, 44 miles South East of Naples and its international airport). Ravello is set on the narrow peninsula between the Bays of Naples and Salerno, high up - over 1,000 ft above sea level on a hilltop embraced by wooded hills with similar small picturesque villages.