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When the Iron Curtain was drawn back in 1989, it revealed Prague to a new generation of travellers. The Czech Republic's capital and international showpiece, Prague is one of the most popular destinations in Eastern Europe. Its attraction lies in the physical beauty of the city with 600 years of architecture amazingly untouched by war. The centre has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it demands to be explored on foot, an entire outdoor museum of history and a haphazard mixture of splendid architecture.

The city's cultural scene also features high on the list of things to do in Prague, with classical music concerts, opera and ballet, as well as the many art galleries around the city. It is constantly adding small new museums to its summertime list, often strange but curiously interesting. This beautiful city, a 'symphony in stone', built along the river and on the surrounding hills, has never ceased to capture the hearts and imagination of visitors, painters, photographers and poets.

The fairy-tale beauty of Bohemia's historical capital, locked away for 40 years by the communist regime, returned to enchant the world and became the must-go destination for European city-hoppers in the 1990s.

Perfectly preserved, untouched by development and now benefiting from a free economy buoyed by the traveller's pound, Prague combines a lively, youthful energy with one of the most historic and atmospheric settings in the world.


The capital of the Czech Republic since 1993, Prague lies on the banks of the Vltava River, its mediaeval centre dominated by the 1100-year-old castle of Prazsky hrad.