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Ontario is the most populous and second-largest province of Canada, home to the Canadian capital city of Ottawa, as well as Ontario's own capital Toronto, Canada's largest city. Ontario is bordered by the province of Quebec to the E, by the Great Lakes region of the United States to the S, by Manitoba to the W and by Hudson and James Bays to the N.

In addition to being Canada's most populous province, it is also a major tourist destination, especially around the Niagara Falls. Most of the population, more than 90% resides in the four regions that make up Southern Ontario, which covers a much smaller land area than the expansive north.

Ontario can be divided into three major regions: the Canadian Shield or Laurentian Plateau; the Hudson Bay Lowlands in the north; and the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Lowlands in the south. The Canadian Shield covers 50% of Ontario and contains rich deposits of minerals such as copper, lead, nickel, zinc, uranium. The shield also harbors a variety of forests, rivers, and lakes, which makes it ideal for tourism and natural attractions. The Hudson Bay Lowlands in northern Ontario (around Hudson Bay) are well known for flat areas of swampy bogs (muskeg), and a belt of permafrost that never thaws. The Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Lowlands region contains most of Ontario's population because of the area's agriculture potential. The most popular part of this area is Niagara Falls, a tourist attraction that lures thousands of visitors each year.

In Northern Ontario visit Lake Superior North Shore where you'll find Old Fort William - the world's largest reconstructed fur trade post. Visit The Sleeping Giant Provincial Park located on a peninsula, and the Ouimet Canyon Provincial Park featuring a spectacular geological fault (over 500 feet deep!). Go sea kayaking in Pukaskwa National Park, and see the Thunder Bay Art Gallery showcasing the work of many First Nations artists.

In Ottawa, Ontario's capital city, be sure to visit Parliament Hill and observe the Changing of the Guard ceremony, and visit the historical Canadian Museum of Civilization. Check out the Rideau Canal, go for a boat cruise on the Ottawa River, try a BeaverTail pastry treat, and enjoy the cultural blending of French and English.

In Toronto, Canada's largest city, enjoy world-class art, entertainment, culture, shopping, dining, and family fun! Ascend the amazing CN Tower, experience the Harbourfront Centre, entertain yourself at Ontario Place and the Skydome, and take a ferry ride to the various Toronto islands.