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Oahu is the heartbeat of Hawaii, brimming with sunshine and overflowing with Aloha Spirit. And yes, there are rainbows after showers, filling the blue sky with colors easily seen all over the island. Oahu, anchored by the main city of Honolulu and the spectacular Waikiki Beach, contains most of Hawaii's population as well as its tourist and social activity.

The accommodation here caters for all budget levels, although the islands are expensive so expect to pay UK equivalent prices. The area is popular with honeymooners including a huge number of Japanese couples, as tropical weddings are a major business.

Oahu has over 30,000 units in more than 80 hotels and 40 condominiums. Wide choice from opulent luxury beachfront accommodation to basic B&Bs. Rates range from the price of a meal to the cost of a small second-hand car, with the beachfront area being the most popular and expensive. There are a few hotels outside Waikiki plus a handful of camping grounds dotted around the island.


Oahu is a mid-Pacific island, almost on the Tropic of Cancer, approximately 5 hrs by jet from America's W coast. Hawaii's international airport (Honolulu) is located here, 5 mls from downtown Honolulu, which is on the S coast of the island. It is midway along the Hawaiian Islands chain.