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The seaside resort of Malia is built along an exquisite sandy beach, about 36 km east of Heraklion. A rich plateau, boasting a great number of watermills, surrounds the village, with cultivations of orange groves and groceries. Today, the village is characterized by great tourist development and is one of the most visited areas on the island.

Malia is becoming quite a big player in the 18-30 market, Malia is to Crete what 'San Antonio' is to Ibiza. The noise can be problem at any time of night (or day) so light sleepers should seek advice from their tour operator.

Peaceful retreats are available further along the beach away from the action where there's a large concentration of accommodation about a mile from the beach.

Local history and the cobbled streets of the original village are of no real interest to the majority of visitors who are here for the nightlife.


Malia is situated on north coast (4 mls E of Hersonissos, 5 mls W of Sissi, 20 mls E of Heraklion airport). It is situated on the coast with a main road running through it. It is part of a sprawling holiday area that has grown to incorporate neighbouring resorts of Stalis and Hersonissos.