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Commonly described as the 'Warm Heart of Africa' due to the friendliness of its people, Malawi is bordered by Mozambique to the S and E, Tanzania to the N, Zambia to the W. Lake Malawi, the third largest lake in Africa, runs along most of its eastern border.

Malawi is a hot spot for sun worshippers and bathers but there’s plenty to keep the tourist more active. Malawi’s landscape is incredibly diverse and the misty heights of Mount Mulanje are a popular attraction as is the Nyika National Park, where you'll find sheer escarpments, dramatic peaks, endless rolling grassland and some of the most enjoyable hiking routes in the whole of Africa. It is a country dominated by the vast Lake Malawi, as well as the Great Rift Valley.

The vast Lake Malawi is a huge attraction for tourists, with its beaches, tourist resort, watersports and incredible variety of fish life that draws in divers and snorkellers from a far. With more than 500 species, Lake Malawi is also home to a greater variety of fish species than any other freshwater lake on the planet (most of them protected within the Lake Malawi National Park). The majority of visitors tend to head for the small, restful village at Cape Maclear, which together with its offshore islands, from part of the park. Equally as popular is the Nkhata Bay which has attractive bays, beaches and various water activities. Spread along the length of the Lakes' shores are numerous traditional fishing villages offering a cultural experience for those passing by.

Malawi is also blessed with numerous game reserves and national parks that are offer a unique wilderness experience. The parks are uncrowded and full of animals and birdlife. Nyika Plateau and Liwonde National Park are the most notable and well worth a visit.

The South of the country is the most populated and developed. Whilst Lilongwe is the capital, Blantyre is the largest city and a good base for visiting the Zomba Plateau and the vast massif of Mt Mulunje which offer some of the finest hiking trails in the country.