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Maiori is located in the deepest inlet of the Amalfi Coast, between Amalfi and Capo d'Orso (Bear's Cape), on what was once the mouth of the river Reginna Maior, so named to distinguish it from the adjacent Reginna Minor, where rose Minori.

This small river has for centuries influenced the life of the town, until the last ruinous inundation of 1954, after that Maiori had to be almost completely rebuilt, so the general aspect of the town is today modern and only few historic buildings remain.

Maiori is a charming health-bathing resort facing the widest and nicest beach in Amalfi Coast in the background of San Niccol~ de Toro Plano Bulwark. It worth predilection by a large group of artists.

The cultural and gastronomical events most of all take place during the high season: "Maiori: vicoli e cultura" (Maiori: lanes and culture), "La maratona delle cinque chiese" (The five-church-marathon", celebrations that take place in various districts, as well as theatrical and musical performances by artists from Maiori.

Maiori is a seaside resort and important tourist centre of the Amalfi Coast; situated between gardens and terraces overflowing with citrus fruits, it lies at the end of a wide bay facing its large beach. The Pandora Cave is suggestive and typical is Erchie village with its small beach. A week in Maiori should mean a hunt for the local lemons and pottery. First the pottery. Here you can find a great production of ceramics.

This area is suited to middlemarket visitors looking for a quiet, relaxing break. It also suits families with younger children. There ia a small collection of middlemarket hotels along the promenade, nothing too fancy. There re a few apartments dotted here and there.


Maiori can be found about a third of the way up the front of the boot of Italy on the Bay of Salerno (13 mls SW of Salerno, 3 mls NE of Amalfi, 35 mls SE of Naples, 167 mls SE of Rome). It is found on a flat terrain bordered by steep, rugged hills to the east and west.