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La Digue

La Digue

The Seychelles is an unspoilt tropical paradise thousands of miles from anywhere. Here you will find magnificent palm-fringed beaches, superb snorkelling and diving, and plenty of forested wilderness filled with wildlife.

La Digue is situated a short distance from Praslin, but is unreachable by plane, instead a short boat ride from Praslin to La Digue is required, lasting only 20 minutes or so.

La Digue is the fourth largest and third most populated of the islands within the Seychelles, with over 2,000 inhabitants. Several hotels exist on the island, providing comfortable accommodation, the most popular being La Digue Island Lodge. In addition there are several guesthouses offering simpler accommodation. It is also possible to visit the island on a day trip from Praslin.

Suited to middle to upmarket nature-lovers seeking total relaxation and an away-from-it-all holiday. A haven for romantically inclined couples, a popular honeymoon destination.


La Digue is off the east coast of Africa, in the Indian Ocean. (it is 660 mls NE of Madagascar and 995 mls E of Kenya. Nearest international airport is on the neighbouring island of Mahe, 27 mls). La Digue is the fourth largest of the Seychelles group.