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A sprawling town on the southern tip of Corfu, Kavos is the most action-packed of the island's resorts and is very popular with British under 25s, intent on having a good time. The long, narrow beach is far from the best in Corfu but offers lovely views over to the Greek mainland, lots of watersports and is fine for sleeping off the night before.

Those looking for a less hectic holiday, but still within reach of the nightlife in Kavos, should stay in the neighbouring resort of Aghios Petros, one mile (2km) to the north.

Since the mid-1980s, all trace of the original Greek village has been obliterated by the burgeoning low-rise resort. At night, neighbours compete to see who has the loudest sound system. Kavos has a 5-mile sweep of sandy beach and is the most action-packed spot on the island. While there is a fast pace of nightlife, some locals still maintain their traditional lifestyle alongside the sun-and-fun seekers. Just over a mile away is Aghios Petros which is a much more authentic option.

The nightlife and entertainment in Kavos is geared for 18-30s, so families would do better to stay well clear of the main strip. This area also attracts touts from far afield. The salesmen outside the bars and restaurants are very pushy but can be worth chatting up as they offer free drinks, but beware of the double measures. Visitors should avoid the Albanian gypsies selling flowers and glow bangles, or keep a very close eye on their wallets.

The beach in Kavos is not great and is sometimes covered in litter and seaweed, however it offers safe swimming and lots of watersports. Mosquitoes can be a problem over the summer and the local shops sell various types of repellent. Mopeds are a great way to get around the local area, but tourists should be aware that they also put scores of people into hospital each year.