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Situated mid-way along the south coast of the Dodecanesian island of Kos, Kardamena is one of the most popular resorts in Greece, particularly with young Brits looking for a lively and entertaining holiday. Once a small fishing village, the town is now very commercialised with scores of English-style pubs and restaurants and tightly packed apartment blocks.

A wide variety of watersports can be organised from the long sandy beach and the resort is well placed for those who want to explore the island's fascinating interior.

Once a lovely fishing village, Kardamena has been overwhelmed by rampant resort expansion in recent years and little remains which could be called authentic, other than some narrow streets of old houses, the stone breakwaters of the harbour and any remaining colourful boats.

Approximately 2 mls long and ¾ ml wide, it is a lively, vibrant holiday destination with few concessions to taste or decorum and can be noisy, even positively rowdy at night. The main action is situated around the harbour front.


Kardamnena is near the mid-point of the hotter, less breezy south coast (16 mls SW of Kos, 5 mls SE of the airport. It is on a flat strip of land backed by a steep, dry and scrubby range of hills.