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A picturesque city in the New South Wales region of Australia, Nowra is a city of thriving dairy industry, farming and a developing retirement area for people from Canberra and Sidney. Nowra was established in 1852 and prior to the European arrival it was inhabited by Dharawal Aborigens. Home of Karen Phillips and Frank Moorhouse, Nowra has a few attractions that cannot be missed.

Top attractions within Nowra

Shoalhaven Entertainment Center offers every kind of entertainment you could think about - cinema, live music, theater, dance shows, stand up comedy and variety performances. If you did not expect to find all this in one place, Nowra will change your perception with this extremely popular place. A favorite of children, teens, adults and elders altogether, the entertainment center of Nowra is a one of a kind place reuniting all these arts under one roof. The venue is an architectural jewel, while the 23 million dollars building is unique in all Australia and took 4 years to be completed.

Dolphin Watch Cruise is a top tourist attraction in the Jervis Bay area, where Nowra is located, winning multiple prizes for tourism in the last 15 years. The luxury cruises where you can see dolphins and whales are extremely appreciated not only by tourists, but also by Nowra locals who take pride in their attractions.

Pelican Rocks Restaurant is the best restaurant that you can try in Nora. Extremely popular thanks to the wonderful food and wine selection, this restaurant is the leader in the locals preferences since 1982. The menu combines traditional and modern dishes of sea food, chicken and steaks and if there are any requests, the chef can also cook vegetarian meals. This restaurant not only offers great food and wines, but also a great location which provides a wonderful view of Nowra, on one bank of Shoalhaven River, at Greenway Point Pelican Rocks.