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Northgate is one of the newest establishments in Australia, founded in 1998. Although founded recently, Northgate has a population of slightly over 5000, but it is increasing continuously. Northgate is a suburb of Adelaide and it is located in the Queensland region of Australia. Northgate is surrounded by Pooraka, Walkley Heights, Valley View, Oakden, Hillcrest, Hampstead Gardens, Clearview and Northfield, other suburbs of Adelaide.

Since it is a new suburb, there are not so many things that tourists can do and see here in Northgate. However, Northgate will impress you with its modern buildings and green spaces. Not to mention that Northgate is extremely clean, so it is your best option if you want to leave the city and to find a pollution-free place. The surrounding areas are, though, worth visiting.

Top Attractions within Northgate

The Northgate Village Shopping Centre is the place where passionates will have an excellent time. With a great diversity of stores and dining options, this complex is great if you want to relax and to buy beautiful new things.

Cedar College Sports Centre is a great sporting facility, located in the campus of Cedar College. Here, you will have the chance to enjoy different sports, massages, or spa treatments, in order to feel refreshed and to relax as much as possible.

The Gateway Bridge is only a stone-throw away from Northgate. This spectacular construction crosses the Brisbane River. You can take long walks here, admiring the beautiful sights and enjoying the outdoors. Moreover, if you get a sightseeing pass, you will be able to explore many more places like this one, at lower costs. The views you will witness will remain in your memory forever.

The Adelaide Botanic Parks and Gardens are definitely worth seeing, since you are in Northgate. You will also find here the Bicentennial Conservatory, which is the largest greenhouse in all the southern hemisphere. Here, you will be able to take long walks in the parks, admiring the great diversity of plants, trees and bushes, but also the numerous bird species that inhabit the place. The International Rose Garden is one of the most famous features of this true landmark.