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Noosaville is one of the most beautiful suburbs in the Queensland region of Australia, located at the mouth of the Noosa River. Although it has a population of only 6528, Noosaville has become a great tourist attraction, due to the numerous leisure and relaxing possibilities you have here. The Sunshine Coast is renown for its beautiful suburbs, so Noosaville makes no exception.

Noosaville is surrounded by Tewantin, Noosa Heads, Weyba Downs and Doonan, sharing with them the great Noosa Waters. The friendly community which lives in Noosaville is very welcoming, so you will have a great time here. Accommodation varies from luxurious holiday apartments to small lofts, so everyone will find suitable conditions to live in Noosaville, no matter the budget.

Top Attractions within Noosaville

Lake Weyba is a salt-water lake located in Noosaville, on the Noosa River. The word 'weyba' comes from an Aboriginal language and it means 'place of of flying squirrels'. Here, you will see a wide range of fish species, and the best thing is that you will also be able to feed them.

Noosa National Park lies in close proximity to Noosaville and it spans on 4000 hectares. This park is the greatest facility of the kind in the country, so no wonder that it became such a popular attraction. Under no circumstances you should miss seeing this amazing place, where fauna and flora combine perfectly. There are also many walking tracks, so here you will spend an excellent day in the core of the nature.

The Noosa River is home to a large number of pelicans, which can easily be admired on the shore as well. You can also enjoy fishing and boating here, as well as other water sports.

Pelican Beach is another place where you can admire pelicans, since it was named after these beautiful birds, which cannot wait for you to cuddle and feed them.

Noosa Civic is a major shopping centre in Noosaville, where passionates will definitely have a good time. With numerous stores, dining options and impressive designs, this is a great place for every member of the family.