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Newcastle is one of the oldest and largest cities of Australia, located in the New South Wales region. Situated at the Hunter River mouth, Newcastle knew a drastic development since its establishment, in 1801. Now, nearly 155.000 people live in Newcastle, making it a top city of this continent. The mining and shipbuilding industries are very developed here, but Newcastle is mainly an important trade centre of the region.

With impressive buildings and beautiful beaches, Newcastle has become a must-see for every tourist who visits Australia. Young people will also have a wonderful time here, enjoying the diversity of sports or the numerous festivals that are being held here every year. Among the most popular sports, we can recall cricket, horse racing, ice hockey, skating, soccer, rugby, and netball, as well as surfing and kite-surfing.

Top Attractions within Newcastle

The Cathedral Church of Christ the King will definitely impress you with its unique Gothic Revival architectural style. The cathedral is located in one of Newcastle's suburbs, The Hill, and it would be a shame not to visit it since you are already here.

Nobbys Head, formerly known as Coal Island, was discovered by Europeans in the 1770s. The Nobbys Head Lighthouse can be found here, which is a true landmark of the city. From up here you will have a great view of Newcastle, which will take your breath away.

The Newcastle Art Gallery is a great place to learn more about the culture of the country. Here, you will find a great diversity of art collections, exhibited by both historical and contemporary artists.

The Newcastle Civic Theatre, mostly known as simply 'The Civic', is an immense auditorium. Every year, famous musicals, concerts, plays and dance events are being held here.

The Victoria Theatre is the oldest facility of the kind in Newcastle, but it is currently unoccupied, so The Civic remains the oldest functioning theatre in the city.

The Newcastle Regional Show is one of the most famous festivals in the area. It is being held ever year in the Newcastle Showground. This event is great to learn more about the city's customs and traditions. Other festivals worth mentioning are The Mattara Festival, The Newcastle Jazz Festival and This Is Not Art.