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Narrabri is a town located in New South Wales, Australia. The beautiful town actually is situated on Namoi River, so tourists who will opt for this location as the destination of their next trip will be able to enjoy a spectacular view. One of the most important industries of Narrabri is cotton, but also wheat, beef and lamb industries.

With a population of about 6.100 inhabitants, Narrabri currently represents a major tourist destination within Australia, and tourists will be able to visit numerous attractions while being in this city, their stay here turning into an unique experience.

Top Attractions within Narrabri

Mount Kaputar National Park is located near Mount Kaputar and it is considered to be one of the most impressive national parks of the country. A wide range of flora and fauna species can be seen in this park, while the Kaputar volcano, which has been active millions of years ago, offers a stunning scenery and an unique beauty to the natural surroundings of this top attraction within Narrabri. Many walking paths and a camping ground can also be found in Mount Kaputar National Park.

Paul Wild Observatory is located near Narrabri. The name of this top tourist attraction was given by a famous radio astronomer, Paul Wild. Tourists will love taking tours at the observatory and enjoy the activities that can be planned here.

The Australian Cotton Exhibition Centre is a place where you will be able to learn many things about the past of the city, its development and main industry. Of course, in this location all tourists will be able to learn something about the cotton industry of Narrabri. Learning more about the past of Narrabri will help you better understand the specific of the Australian city.

Australia Telescope Compact Area is located near Paul Wild Observatory, at about 20 km distance from Narrabri center. An impressive radio telescope is featured here.