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Naracoorte is an amazingly beautiful town in South Australia. Founded in 1845, Naracoorte city's first Post Office opened in 1853. Naracoorte currently has a population of 4.888 and it is considered to be one of the most developed towns in this region of Australia. Naracoorte is situated at about 336 km from Adelaide, the town actually being at the middle of the distance between this city and Melbourne.

Naracoorte offers numerous possibilities for all tourists, to be able to enjoy an amazing time here. Numerous parks, shopping centers, restaurants, museums, art galleries, sites for outdoor adventures and sport facilities, can easily be found within Naracoorte.

Top Attractions within Naracoorte

Naracoorte Caves is spectacular park located near the city. Naracoorte Cabes national park first opened in 1994 and it currently is included on World Heritage List. Tourists will be able to see numerous plant species within the amazing park, while camping grounds will offer them the possibility to enjoy an unique outdoor adventure. Tourists visiting the park will also have the possibility to see the Bool Lagoon wetland. The area is simply beautiful.

Naracoorte Art Gallery is located on Ormerod Street and it currently features an impressive art collection, displaying exhibits of Aboriginal art.

The Sheep's Back Wool Museum is the place all tourists should start their tours with, when visiting Naracoorte for the first time. Visitors will be able to find out everything that can be linked to the history of wool and sheep and their fascinating development in Naracoorte.

Jubilee Park lies on a surface of 28 hectares. The park is the best location for planning a picnic, but also for visiting many species of flora and native fauna. Jubilee Park first opened to public in 1986.

The Mini Golf Park is one of the most popular locations within Naracoorte, at least for the lovers of the sport. However, tourists will also be able to find many other sport facilities within the city, to be able to plan their favorite activities. The Swimming Lake is the best destination for aquatic sports.