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Gympie is a town of contradictions, located in the Cooloola Region of Queensland, Australia. Bearing the hospitality of a typical old town, Gympie is modern in every possible way and it is considered the saviour of Queensland, thanks to the gold rush in 1867, when the town was close to bankruptcy. If you are a sports fan you have various options in Gympie, so you will not get bored: mountain biking, canoing, golfing, skating, swimming and many more. If you would rather take a walk downtown, there are some attractions you should not miss.

Top attractions within Gympie

The Valley Rattler is operating train tours through the Mary Valley, nearby Gympie. The journey with the steam trains begins at the Gympie Railway Station, built in 1913, early in the morning and ends after 3:30 PM, back in the departing station. On the tour you can admire the architecture or enjoy art and craft, all in this interesting tour in the proximity of the beautiful town of Gympie.

Banyandah Alpacas is the place where alpaca fiber is produced, a farm where 80 alpacas live. They can be pet and fed and for tourist there is a store with products made of alpaca fiber. There also is a guide who can give a speech about the alpaca animal and some of the younger animals are available for sale. This is one attraction in Gympie that you cannot find very easy in another place.

Kiah Park is a horse riding camp located in Gympie. The camp is opened not only for children but also for adults who are eager to learn to ride a horse, no matter how skilled they are. The services offered include accommodation, supervision, lessons and training children how to take care of a horse or of a pony. The camp also includes daily activities and also night activities.