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A formerly Aborigens inhabited area, Gunnedah is now a developing town of almost 10.000 inhabitants, located in New South Wales, Australia. Gunnedah is also home of the healthiest population of koalas Down Under thanks to corridors of trees planted through the town, which attract the animals, who walk freely on the streets, making Gunnedah the Koala Capital of the world. The town is also the inspiration for Australia's most famous poem, My Country, by Dorothea Makellar who had as an inspiration her parents' farm, near Gunnedah. If you have the chance to visit this place, do not miss a few attractions.

Top attractions within Gunnedah

The Dorothea Makellar Memorial is a museum established in honor of the poet, where you can see a bronze statue depicting her riding. She is the writer of the country's most famous poem, also known as I Love A Sunburnt Country. You can see memorabilia related to her and buy books or compact discs with her poetry.

Gunnedah's Koalas are one of the most important attractions in town. You can see them strolling on the street, walking and you can play Spot The Koala. Koala means "no drink" because they get hydrated from the eucalyptus leaves they eat, but if that is not enough, the koalas need water. So, you may see on the streets bowl of water near trees, placed by the Gunnedah locals.

The Water Tower Museum is unique in the area. The building was the first water tower in Gunnedah and in the museum you can find memorabilia since 1908, when the tower was built. In the late '60s the museum was sold for just one dollar and totally redesigned and restored, and since then it has been one of the most important attractions in Gunnedah.

Poet's Drive is a tour through the landmarks that influenced poetry in Australia and a celebration of rural life. This is a one of a kind attraction in Gunnedah, depicting the town as extremely influential for arts and literature.