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Grafton is a commercial hub, located in the New South Wales region of Australia. Its position, in the Clarence River Valley, made Grafton one of the most developed cities in the area, which perfectly combines the industry with the leisure activities. Since its foundation, in the 1850s, Grafton developed a lot, and now more than 17.500 people live here. The name of the city comes from the then Governor's grandfather, who was a former Prime Minister in the United Kingdom.

Grafton offered many employment opportunities when the Harwood Mill factory was opened. Now, the factory is the oldest sugar mill in the region. Grafton is not only renown for this, though, as the leisure opportunities are plenty. In October and November, the Jacaranda festival is being held, which is why Grafton is also known as Jacaranda City. Grafton also hosts horse races and many music festivals and awards.

Top Attractions within Grafton

Grafton Bridge was build over the Clarence River, in 1932. It represents a true icon of Grafton, offering spectacular views. Now, Grafton Bridge is opened during the day, only for buses, pedestrians and cyclists, so you will be able to take a long and relaxing walk, while admiring the sights.

The Christ Church Cathedral was built in 1884, by the local architect and legend John Horbury Hunt. The church is characterized by a Gothic style and it honors the Anglican Diocese of Grafton, formed out of 26 parishes.

The Schaeffer House is one of the historic landmarks of Grafton. Founded in 1900 as a Federation house, this building is now home of an impressive collection of the Clarence River Historical Society and it is a perfect place for tourists to find out more about the history and traditions of Grafton.

Grafton Regional Art Gallery will provide a great cultural experience for its visitors. Featuring a great collection of the JADA (the Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award), the gallery hosts an impressive number of paintings, drawings, ceramics and prints, designed mostly by Australian artists. The impressive O'Grady watercolour collection of Australian fauna and flora can also be seen here.