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Goulburn is an Australian city, located in the New South Wales region of the country. It is considered a provincial town, since Goulburn is filled with history and traditions. Goulburn is situated at the confluence of the Wollondilly River and the Mulwaree River, but since the climate here is generally dry, there are some water supply problems.

Since 1820, when Goulburn was founded, the city developed a lot, and now it has a population of nearly 21.000. In the past, Goulburn was the administrative centre of the New South Wales region, so you will find here numerous impressive buildings, some of them dating from the early days of the city. It becomes thus obvious that Goulburn is perfect for those who are passionate with architecture and history.

Top Attractions within Goulburn

The Big Merino, also known as 'Rambo', is the main attraction that tourists get the chance to see here in Goulburn. It is shaped like a giant merino, a sheep breed very worshipped all over Australia. The ground floor hosts a gift shop, the second floor a wool display, and at the third floor you will get to see the world though the merino's eyes, so you will have a spectacular view of Goulburn.

St Saviour's Cathedral is one of the most impressive churches in the New South Wales. Its construction began in 1840, but it was only in 1971 that the church was ready for public use. Since then, though, the church became a true landmark of Goulburn, and it is not to be missed.

The Coolavin Hotel is also one of the oldest buildings in Goulburn, dating back to 1850. However, the great thing about this hotel is that its façade was so well preserved, that it remained intact since 1880. The hotel is thus a great place to stay and it will make you feel like you are part of Goulburn's history.