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Gosford is a great town located in the New South Wales region of Australia. Only 53 miles away from Sydney, Gosford has become a great place to live in, but a wonderful place to visit as well. The Aboriginal population began to settle in Gosford around 1823, and nowadays more than 155.000 people live here. Gosford was named in honor of a friend of the then Governor. The city began to develop in the 1930s, after Gosford was linked to Sydney through a railway, so the access to the city was made easy. When visiting Gosford, you will have numerous cultural, fishing, horse riding, paintball and golfing opportunities, so nobody will get bored. You will also get the chance to learn many new things, especially about the local history of Gosford.

Top Attractions within Gosford

The Central Coast Art Society was founded in Gosford in the 70s. It is said that during those years, more and more artists were moving to Gosford, so authorities wanted to create a place where they could exhibit their work. They were also given the chance to get together and to exchange ideas, and the art gallery is still a place that encourages artists.

The Central Coast Potters Society is a place where you can take pottery classes. If you do not think you got what it takes, you could just admire some great demonstrations and workshops. If you just want to get informed on the subject, you will find the library very useful, since you will be able to access it any time.

The Central Coast Family History and Society Facility is one of the best attractions here in Gosford, because you will be able to learn everything about the history of the place and the family traditions. It is not to be missed, because a place like this does not come along very often.

The Central Coast Stadium, now called the Bluetongue Stadium, is surely a great place to visit for the sports passionates. If you are lucky, you might be able to watch spectacular football or rugby competitions.