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Goondiwindi is a small town located in the Queensland region of Australia. 220 miles away from Brisbane, one of Australia's major cities, Goondiwindi is a place where you will enjoy a nice traditional vacation. Goondiwindi is located on the MacIntyre River, so it offers great sights. With a population of slightly over 5.600, Goondiwindi is renown for being a hospitable town, filled with joyful and friendly people. Its location made Goondiwindi the perfect destination for the ones who are passionate about fishing and for those who love bird watching.

Top Attractions within Goondiwindi

The Gunsynd Statue and Museum honors Goondiwindi Grey, an amazing race horse which competed in the 60s and 70s. Not only that it competed, but it also won no less that 29 races. The statue and museum are located in the town center, near the War Memorial Park Monument.

The Customs House Museum is the best place to get a taste of Goondiwindi's history. This impressive building was restored and turned into a museum, and it is surrounded by a great cottage garden house. The ones who want to learn more about the Australian culture will be impressed with this place.

The Boobera Lagoon spans on 7 kilometres and it is located only 20 kilometres west of Goondiwindi. Since you are in Goondiwindi, you should not miss the chance of seeing the lagoon, because it is a true Australian heritage. Since this place has a great cultural significance, water sports are prohibited, but you can still enjoy a wonderful day with your family, admiring the great diversity of aquatic and bird species.

The Bendidee National Park is considered a natural heritage, spanning on 250 hectares. This is why it is also known as the Natural Heritage Water Park. Unlike the previously mentioned lagoon, here you can enjoy several aquatic sports, including waterskiing, boating, canoeing and wakeboarding. Swimming is also allowed here, and there are even picnic areas specially arranged for you. Moreover, besides the multitude of animal and bird species, you can also see here the highly endangered Bull oak jewel butterfly.