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Where to go in Glasgow

Steeped in Scottish history and heritage makes Glasgow a unique location to visit. Seen as a major European cultural capital city it showcases many of their Museums & Art galleries.
Glasgow has a vibrant nightlife where one can visit any number of restaurants, pubs, clubs and cafes in the city.

Where to stay in Glasgow

Whatever your budget or itinerary, you'll find an ideal location in Glasgow with the many friendly accommodation providers. From affordable to the luxurious hotels to the cozy bed and breakfast guest houses, to the ever lively backpackers hotels and lodges.

Getting around in Glasgow

Domestic and international travellers will find travelling in and around Glasgow fairly easiliy with travel options from land, sea and sky.

Trains frequent Glasgow with direct trains from London.

Inter Town Buses/Coaches travel similar routes as the train routes and operate frequently.

Car Hire, is the ideal option for travelling through Britain with all major car hire companies offering pickup and drop off locations and offices in all major towns. From only GBP35 per day you'll have the flexibility of travelling on your own terms.