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Gladstone is an unique city located in Queensland, Australia. The closest major city to Gladston is Rockhampton, situated at about 100 km distance. Visiting the city is an option for all tourists who arrive in Gladstone. Gladstone is of an unique beauty, as the city is located between two rivers, Calliope and Boyne. This is the most important aspect that makes Gladstone one of the largest ports in Queensland.

With a population of more than 28.800 inhabitants, Gladstone became a municipality in 1863. However, Gladstone started developing only in the 1890s, when the growth became visible, as the first industrial sites were created. Now, the city is one of the busiest harbors in Australia. The numerous possibilities to have an amazing time in Gladston, the beautiful port, amazing view and the unique lifestyle, numerous restaurants and shopping centers, will make your stay here really great.

Top Attractions within Gladstone

Boyne Island and Tannum Sands are the biggest attractions within Gladstone City. The walking paths, relaxing view, calm waters and beautiful beach, will make you enjoy being in Gladstone. The beauty paradise here will surely make you love your vacation.

Lake Awoonga is one of the most appreciated recreational spots in Gladstone. In fact, Lake Awoonga is situated at about 25 km from the center of Gladstone City. Still, when being in the city, tourists just have to visit the lake, as here they can plan barbecues, they can swim, but also see some unique fish species. More than 225 species of birds can also be seen here.

Gladstone Harbor is going to offer visitors a clear view on the city. The unique site and the amazing view here will help tourists better understand the specific of the city.

Gladstone Museum is the place to visit if you want to find out everything you can about the history of the busy harbor. Harbors such as Gladstone are always important for the development of a country, and the most historical remnants linked to its history are exhibit within the museum.