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Geraldton is one of the most beautiful and important cities in Western Australia. With more than 36.900 inhabitants, Geraldton is a major tourist destination for all fishing lovers. Geraldton City was first established in 1850 and tourists planning a vacation here will find numerous attractions and many possibilities to have fun and enjoy a relaxing time.

The many beautiful beaches, options to plan sporting activities, yachting, sailing, as well as surfing and fishing, spectacular views, the Batavia Cost, shopping and entertainment facilities, make tourists from all over the world love being in Geraldton.

Top Attractions within Geraldton

St Francis Xavier Catholic Cathedral is one of the most interesting buildings within Geraldton. The construction of this church was completed in 1916. Nowadays, the Catholic Cathedral is the most visited location in the city, being itself considered a piece of history.

The Western Australian Museum-Geraldton is a main attraction of this city. However, there are many other museums within Geraldton that should be visited by all history passionates and by all tourists who want to better understand the way the country evolved and the way the city developed until today. The Old Goal Museum, as well as the Memorial for the World War II, are just the most important ones.

Kalbarri National Park is the most beautiful place to plan a day out in Geraldton. Planning a picnic here, or simply a walk, will surely make you love Geraldton and its unique beauty.

Sunset Beach, as well as Drummond Cove, are the best places for fishing sports, but the beautiful beach will surely be a great place to relax where you can admire the beauty of the calm waters surrounding the city. Surfing also is a very popular sport in Geraldton. Flat Rocks, Greenough, Back Beach and Glenfield Beach are popular spots among aquatic sports lovers.

The Walkaway Wind Farm is situated at about 25 km from Geraldton City, but it surely is worth to be visited, being considered one of the most important sites in Australia.