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Geelong is an amazing city located in Victoria, Australia. Geelong is nowadays a popular tourist destination, as numerous people decide to plan their vacations here. Situated on Corio Bay and the Barwon River, Geelong offers tourists an amazing view and numerous opportunities to have fun and relax.

With a population of more than 160.990 inhabitants, Geelong is one of the biggest urban ares in Victoria. The city is located at only 72 km from Melbourne, so if you plan on visiting Geelong, you will also be able to easily plan a one day trip to the state capital. The city was established in 1837, but it was officially proclaimed a city only in 1910. After the 1850s, moment when the first gold reserves have been discovered here, the industry of Geelong began growing amazingly, becoming an important industrial center in Australia.

Top Attractions within Geelong

St Mary of the Angels Basilica is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. The church was built in 1937 and its architecture is really impressive, due to its unique style. St Mary of the Angels Basilica is the 4th tallest church in the country, with a 210 feet height. Visiting this building is a must for all tourists who arrive in Geelong.

Geelong Gallery is the place to visit if you are an art lover. With numerous permanent art collections and various new exhibits, the gallery is a must see in Geelong. Geelong Gallery first opened to public in 1896 and now it displays numerous Australian and European art exhibits, from painting, to sculpture and ceramic artworks.

Adventure Park Geelong is a water themed park that you just have to include in your route to the city. With numerous possibilities to have fun, but also to relax, the Adventure Park Geelong can offer entertainment way to both adults and children.

The National Wood Museum is the largest museum of wood in Australia. The place will offer you a clear view on the history of the Australian city and its development. The wood store in which the museum is located was restored in 1872, being representative for the wood industry.