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Gatton is the administrative center of Lockyer Valley Local Government Area and is located South East Queensland, Australia. Gatton is also an agricultural area where you will find many fruits and vegetables, but it has other attractions, too. Although Gatton was a rural area several years ago, now it has developed a lot, being a fast-growing place and an important tourism attraction. Gatton transformed from a rural settlement from Queensland, into a great touristic destination, so you will not regret coming here. There are many things to see in Gatton, besides the incredible landscape.

Top Attractions Within Gatton

Gatton and District Historical Society Museum offers you an interesting insight of Gatton's history and culture, so is a place you must visit! The museum is located near the Lake Apex, housing fascinating memorabilia from this area. Tourists can also see many interesting and old buildings with an interesting architecture, so if you like history or if you want to find out more about this place, book your ticket!

The Glen Rock is a regional park where you will see interesting native plants and animals, so your trip will be very colorful if you will visit Gatton! You can relax as there are picnic campings, swimming facilities and bush walks!

The Spring Bluff Railway is a heritage site between Ipswich and Toowoomba and is a great opportunity for those who love trains. This place has about 130 years of railway history and amazing gardens that will catch your eyes. In this place, you can have a barbecue or enjoy a picnic. Here, due to many flowers and romantic surroundings, many weddings take place.

Gatton is a place that began to have an increased popularity and after you will visit it, you will want to come back here next time and discover new things!