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Croydon is one of the most important suburbs of Melbourne City, Victoria, Australia. Croydon is in fact situated close to the city, at only about 27 km. Tourists coming to visit Croydon will also have the possibility to plan one day trips to Melbourne and enjoy the numerous possibilities to have a good time in this amazing city.

With a population of more than 22.029 inhabitants, Croydon is a major tourist destination in Australia. The city of Croydon was first established in the 1840s. However, Croydon was proclaimed a town only in 1912, becoming a municipality in 1961, moment after which the amazing development of Croydon began being very visible. Numerous restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, the Arndale Centre, the Civic Sqaure, the Croydon Park, and the various possibilities to plan relaxing activities will make all visitors love Croydon City.

Top Attractions within Croydon

Main Street Croydon is a place that tourists should not miss when visiting the city. Most tourists love to make shoppings when being in a new city and Main Street Croydon is the perfect place for that. Here you will find numerous shops, restaurants and also a cinema.

Warrien Reserve is another famous attraction of the city. At the Warrien Reserve tourists are able to plan recreational, outdoor activities, picnics, walks or barbecues.

Warranwood Reserve is a flora reserve in which you can find numerous walking tracks that will help you enjoy an amazing outdoor experience. And there is no way you will not be charmed by the natural beauty of the city.

Wyreena Community Arts Centre is the place in which you will be able to learn everything about the history of Croydon city. With numerous art galleries, gardens, shops, but also including two historical homes, a visit at the Wyreena Community Arts Centre will offer you the possibility to get a clear view on the culture of the Australian city and its development.