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Cowra is a beautiful town in New South Wales, Australia. Tourists who decide to visit Cowra should know that the town is located at about two hours of drive from Canberra and four hours from Sydney. The city has a rather fascinating history and visiting the museums and most imporant places of interest located in Cowra will help you understand the way the city evolved.

With a population of more than 8400 inhabitants, Cowra was officially established in 1847, the location being proclaimed a village two years later. The city is surrounded by the Lachlan River, which offers an amazing view over the small town.

Top Attractions within Cowra

The Japanese Garden and Cultural Centre is one of the most important attractions within the city, which actually makes Cowra known all over the world. The Japanese Garden and Cultural Centre first opened in 1979. The waterfalls, birdlife and natural beauty of the gardens makes them a must see of Cowra. Tourists visiting the Japanese Garden will also have the possibility to visit the Bonsai House, The Tea House, Edo Cottage and the Bonsho Bell. Two galleries can be found within the location, in which various art collections are constantly displayed.

The Cowra Heritae Walk is the best place to visit by tourists who want to learn as much as possible about the history of the city. St Raphael's Church, the Cowra Public School, built in the 1880s, as well as many other historical buildings can be seen during a visit on Cowra Heritage Walk.

Conimbla National Park is the best place for walking, bird watching, camping and planning a small picnic. The whole view you will be able to enjoy here will surely make you love the Australian city. Numerous recreational activities can be planned here.

Cowra Regional Art Gallery first opened to public in 2000. Nowadays, The Cowra Regional Art Gallery is the most important tourist attraction for art lovers. Historical and contemporary themed arts, as well as different paintings, photography and sculpture exhibits are displayed here.