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Cooma is located in the south of New South Wales, Australia. Cooma is a town about 115 km south of Canberra, the national capital. It is located in the Monaro region. Cooma has developed a lot and has become a very important touristic destination where you will find a lot of interesting things and is also called "Gateway to the Snowy Mountains". Cooma has a population of about 6,587 people.

Top Attractions Within Cooma

The Raglan Gallery And Cultural Center is on Lambie Street and there you will find lots of interesting things. Here, you will find many works of the local artisans and artists, so you will have interesting things to see. Throughout the year, many exhibitions are housed here, so there are many chances to find one.

Cooma Snowy Mountains Airport is located in Cooma, New South Wales, Australia. The airports has quality services and affordable prices, so you can visit many other places if you want. It will not take you long and you will have an incredible time!

The Snowy Mountains scheme is an irrigation and hydroelectricity complex located in south-east, Australia. This complex is the biggest engineering project from Australia. The way is built is important for Australia's identity, symbolizing its resources, multiple cultures and independence.

Visit Cooma and you will experience the most wonderful time in your life as Cooma is not just a place, is a mood, an unforgettable memory and you will cherish this amazing place for sure! If you have not decided yet where to go on holiday, pick Cooma and you will be surprised to find a lot of beautiful things and quality services! Relax, walk, experience new things in Cooma! It is so beautiful, so you will not want to come back! Here, you will find many interesting things, so you must include Cooma on your favorite holiday destinations!