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Coolum is located in Queensland, Australia and is a beachside town where relaxation is always included. Coolum is a place where you can swim, surf and walk along the beach. On the beach, you will find shops, a boardwalk, surf life saver clubs. You will also find great accommodation, so your holiday will be amazing! Entertainment facilities as well as quality tourism services are all you need to enjoy while you will stay here!

Top Attractions Within Coolum

Mount Coolum is huge, so you will surely see it. It is the largest rock in the world and while you will be here, you will see it almost all the time as is one of the main things of the landscape.

Coolum Beach has nice and new buildings, perfect for a relaxing vacation. Although several years ago, this place did not look so well, now you will be amazed by what you will find here. You can swim,surf, walk along the beach, take photos or simply gazing at the beautiful landscape. This beach is a huge source of a great mood, relaxation and you cannot take your eyes off of it!

The Sunshine Coast is an urban area and is an important place for tourism with attractions as an Underwater World marine park, The Big Pineapple, Steve Irwin Australia's Zoo and The Buderim Ginger Factory. Many national parks are located here, too, so it will be a nice experience visiting them.

Coolum has many tourist attractions and many possibilities to spend your time. Coolum has become a popular destination due to its beautiful landscape, accommodation, services and is the place from where you can go to different near places. Take photos and if you are not decided yet what destination you will choose for your future holiday, Coolum should be one of your choices!