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Clontarf is a residential suburb of the Moreton Bay Region, surrounded by Rothwell, Kippa-Ring, Redcliffe, Margate Woody Point, Bramble Way and Hays Inlet. Clontarf is developed from the industrial point of view as well, especially because the city is located very near to Brisbane, one of the main cities in the region. With a population of nearly 8.000, Clontarf is chosen by many people, because it is located in a quiet and peaceful area, where they can find employment easily. Clontarf is thus a place where the industry, the leisure and the family life manage to combine perfectly.

Top Attractions within Clontarf

The Hornibrook Bridge is a great place to relax in Clontarf. You can come here with your family to walk, to fish, or simply to admire the beautiful sights. Since the bridge is closed to traffic, no cars or noises will disturb you. Along the bridge, you may encounter many beautiful and friendly pelicans, which cannot wait for you to feed or cuddle them.

The Pelican Park is a great recreational place, which has become quite famous due to kite flying. The park offers some great conditions for this sport, so many people gather here to play it. Even if you just want to watch, the view of so many kites in the sky will be amazing. The park is named in honour of the numerous pelicans I was telling you about.

The Clontarf Beach is perfect for the ones who love the seaside. Besides being able to lay all day long in the sun, you will also get to experience the numerous water sports available. Surfing, sailing and water skiing are only a few of the leisure activities you can enjoy here.

Bells Beach is another nearby astonishing beach. It is famous for the longest-running surfing competition in the world, called the Rip Curl Pro Surf and Music Festival, which takes place every year in January. It is thus obvious that the beach has amazing surfing conditions, and if you get the chance to see the competition, too, you will enjoy a fabulous show.