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Cleveland is an outer-bay suburb located at 26 km south-east of Brisbane city centre. One particularly interesting fact about Cleveland is that in 1840 it was pushed for possible capital and main port for Queensland. This charming city by the sea has everything you need for a relaxing time out from the humdrum of the city life. Cleveland is know both for the history, wonderful museums, big parks, and the unique dining venues.There is a great number of historical sites that are worth seeing, dating back to the mid 19th Century, when Cleveland was one of the most important cities, so there are many possibilities of spending your time in Cleveland, enjoying different leisure, cultural or historical activities.

Top Attractions Within Cleveland

The Cleveland Lighthouse is one of the most unusual buildings of the sort. The lighthouse has an unusual wooden hexagonal shape that allows a 360 degree vision and it served Cleveland for more than 100 years. In the 1960s, the Cleveland Lighthouse became the first laser-based lighthouse in Australia.

The Redland Museum has an array of interesting memorabilia on display, such as antique dolls, old typewriters, antique furnishings and a collection of old cars.

Redland Art Gallery is situated in downtown Cleveland and it houses artefacts of Indigenous culture and heritage.

Wine and Dine in Cleveland - In terms of restaurants, Cleveland can satisfy any gourmet. Unique restaurants, such as Hog's Breath Cafe, where there is the most tender and mouth-watering steak, or the Court House Restaurant, where customers can enjoy a beautiful setting and great food. There are also coffee clubs and bistros, pizza restaurants, Asian and European venues, where you can find a variety of food.

Accommodation in Cleveland - No need to worry for accommodation. Cleveland has affordable motels, fancy hotels or apartments to offer you an enjoyable stay in the city.