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Clermont is a quiet and attractive rural township near the beautiful Peak Ranges, in Queensland, Australia. The small town is located 106 km north of Emerald on the Gregory Highway and 760 km north of Brisbane. Clermont is best known for currently constructing the Clermont mine, one of the most profitable business in the area. As any town, Clermont is filled with history, emphasised by the buildings, museums and historical sites. There are many possibilities of spending your time in Clermont, enjoying different leisure, cultural or historical activities, alongside your family or friends.

Top Attractions Within Clermont

The Flood, perhaps one of the most famous sites in town, it represents a large cement tree with a white mark on its trunk depicting the height of the 1916 flood. The only structure that resisted the flood and is still standing is the old bridge, which was to a great extent washed away.

Clermont Museum has a range of relics from the gold rush period, early mining tools and machines and other relics pertaining to the mining industry.

Copperfield and Miclere are the ruins of the old goldfield and it contains other remnants of the gold mining industry. Copperfield has still got a few buildings and a chimney stack. However, the goldfield at Miclere is still operational.

The Peak Range is probably the most impressive landscape to be found in Clermont. Its volcanic plugs compared to soldiers guarding the region. These plugs are formed when a volcano cools down after an eruption and the molten lava melts in the volcanic pipe. The wind and rain erode these plugs, leaving only the hard core.

Wine and Dine in Clermont - Clermont is a great place to eat, because you have a lot to choose from. There is a variety of both Asian and European restaurants to choose from, regardless if it is a classic restaurant or take away.

Accommodation in Clermont - You need not worry about accommodation in Clermont. The town has affordable motels, fancy hotels or bed&breakfast or comfortable apartments.