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Chipping Norton

Chipping Norton

Chipping Norton is a small and lovely suburb in Sydney, Australia, named after a city with the same name, Chipping Norton, in the United Kingdom, and located next to a lake bearing the same name. Chipping Norton is not known for clubs, parties and night life, but for its wonderful scenery. If you have the opportunity to visit Chipping Norton try not to miss a few attractions.

Top attractions within Chipping Norton

Bondi Beach is a place with international fame. Bondi Beach is known all over the world as a place of fun in the sun. Enjoy a day at the beach surrounded by beautiful water and soft sand. Take a walk and relax. Get lost in the scenery. Try new food, because Bondi Beach has probably the best restaurants in Chipping Norton. Do not miss the sea food or try a fancy restaurant because you have so many interesting options. Frolic in the sun, enjoy a day on the beach and swim in the clear water, but do not forget sunscreen.

BridgeClimb is another Chipping Norton famous attraction. This is one of the most romantic places in Sidney, over 4000 marriage proposals being made here. If you are a sport lover, you really should try the twilight climb, a very special and also romantic experience. Climbing in this time of the day against the city lights is something unique, so there is no wonder this is a place where couples often come and celebrate special moments.

Taronga Zoo is a place for the entire family. Not only you can visit this wonderful Chipping Norton attraction in oder to see animals from all over the world, but you can also spend a night there in luxury safari themed tents.

Wildlife World is the place to see Australia's wildlife. Make sure you get there in time to see the employees feed the animals and do not miss the cute koalas, the funny kangaroos and the interesting wallabies. This place is one of a kind in Chipping Norton, so it should definitely be on your list with things to see.