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Chinchilla is a small Australian town located in the Darling Downs region in Queensland. It is also called “The Melon Capital” and every year, in February, Chinchilla is the host of a melon festival. The population of this little town counts almost 4000 people, although the city exists from 1877. The main occupation of the community is agriculture, but coal and gas projects determined an economy rise, so Chinchilla is an interesting place to see.

Top Attractions within Chinchilla

The Chinchilla Museum is Chinchilla's history museum with memorabilia from the beginnings of the town. The building where the museum resides are historical buildings from the area, making the place one of the most interesting attractions here. The museum also features a steam sawmill and a steam traction engine. If you like to discover every place's history, this is the place to see in Chinchilla.

Chinchilla Family Sports Center is the place for family fun. A place that promotes the healthy lifestyle, Chinchilla Family Sports Center offers all sort of options for family fun and endless possibilities of exercising for adults and children too. Try all the activities this center offers and stay in shape spending quality time with your family. If you do not enjoy team sports, do not worry, because you have countless options and you can also work out on your own.

Chinchilla Weir was built in 1973 on the Condamine River, in the south of Chinchilla, in order to provide water for the irrigation of cereal and of the famous melons. The weir is also used to provide water for the town. In this area of the town you can also experience camping, boating and fishing and you can subscribe to fishing competitions. This is a quiet area of Chinchilla where you can relax and enjoy classic outdoor activities.