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Established in 1852, Cheltenham is one of Melbourne's most old suburbs with a population of almost 20.000 people living in an area of 10.1 kilometers. Cheltenham registered a population growth in 1880 and the town had a major residential development between 1940 and 1980. The suburb is famous for its great sporting facilities, which promote a healthy lifestyle among the locals and for the popular shopping areas situated here.

Top attractions within Cheltenham

Victoria Golf Club is a famous golf club, golfers from all over the world praising its great championship course and the hospitality of the employees of the club. The landscape is wonderful, combining the experience of golfing with the great beach side views. In 2002, this great attraction from Cheltenham was the host of the Australian Open Championship. With such events taking place here, a Clubhouse was built, offering 15 comfortable and spacious rooms, beautifully designed and decorated to fit the welcoming atmosphere.

Westfield Southland is a huge shopping center in the north of Cheltenham. When this place opened, in 1968, it only had two stores. Throughout the years, the place expanded more and more and now it is a regional shopping center with over 400 stores attracting shopping addicts from all Melbourne, not just Cheltenham. This a place where you can find anything, from women's fashion to footwear, men's fashion, kids clothing, decorations, food, beverages, and cinemas. Through this place, Cheltenham not only offers an enormous shopping area, but also entertainment spots for all ages customers.

Direct Factory Outlets Moorabbin also known as DFO Moorrabin is another hot spot for Cheltenham residents or tourists. This is the biggest discount shopping area in Victoria and it was Austexx Group's first outlet center ever opened in Australia. Although Cheltenham has lots of outlets, this is the most important of them, fashion addicts preferring this place thanks to the many brands that have stores in DFO Moorrabin.