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Charters Towers

Charters Towers

Charters Towers is a beautiful city located in the north of Queensland, Australia. The city is located at about 130 km from Townsville. With a population of more than 7900 inhabitants, Charters Towers is a major industrial center within the state. Because of the rich and impressive deposits of gold that can be found in this city, Charters Towers has developed amazingly in the 20th century. At a certain point in its history, Charters Towers was the second largest city in the state, with more than 27.000 inhabitants.

Charters Towers was founded as a town in the 1870s. Charters Towers is a great tourist attraction today, as the city is perfectly showing the real Australian specific and traditions. Visitors who come to Charters Towers and plan walking tours in the city will surely understand why and will remain forever charmed by the beauty of this city. Charters Towers is the best location for outdoor activities and camping experiences.

Top Attractions within Charters Towers

The Stock Exchange Building is one of the oldest and most impressive buildings in this city. The Stock Exchange Building has been one of the major attractions in Charters Towers staring with the 1890s.

The Venus Gold Battery is the place in which gold was processed between 1872 and 1972. Nowadays, the location is considered to be defying for the specific of Charters Towers, being kept almost intact and unchanged over the years.

Charters Towers Courthouse is another building in this Australian city that should be included in all tourist visits. The building is so impressive, as it has pretty much remained the same since its construction ended in 1886. The courthouse building remains representative for the architectural style of the 1880s. The Charters Towers Courthouse currently is included in the Queensland Heritage Register. The City Hall building, as well as the Post Office, are also worth to be visited.

The Charters Towers Museum, also known under the name of Zara Clack Museum, exhibits numerous representative collections for the city's history.