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Charleville is located in Queensland, Australia. The town actually is the largest one in the south west of the state. Charleville was first established in 1868 and it currently is well known for its many tourists attractions, old buildings and amazing view.

Charleville has a population of more than 3270 people. The city is located near the Warrego River. One of the most important moments in the history of the city is linked to the development of rail transportation, which reached Charleville in 1888. The improvement was huge for Charleville, as it connected the city with the state's capital, facilitating the development of this amazing town. The city is currently known for its unique heritage.

Top Attractions within Charleville

The Charleville Heritage Trail Walk will offer tourists the best options to discover the beauty of the Australian city. Charleville City is filled with buildings created in a classical style, specific to the 1880s. Getting to know the history and the culture of Charleville City will surely make all tourists enjoy their stay here.

The Royal Flying Doctor Service Visitors Centre is a location in Charleville that should not be missing from a tour within the city. Exhibits and numerous medical supplies that have been used throughout the years and the entire medical history and its development, can be seen here.

Charleville Historic House Museum displays an impressive collection of historic artifacts, including here photographs, furniture pieces, but also newspapers and even vehicles. Initially, the location was built to host the National Bank of Charleville.

Charleville Skate Park is a great destination within the city for travelers who love outdoor adventures and who enjoy using the skateboard or riding the bike. Near the Skate Park, tourists will be able to also find a swimming pool.

Charleville National Parks are considered to be quite unique in the world. A walk along the Warrego River is also considered to be a great relaxing activity within Charleville and visitors will be charmed by the great view.