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Ceduna was established in 1898 as a small fishing port in the South of Australia, on the West coast. Its population is of approximatively 2,300 people. Currently, it is seen as a wonderful location for small shore businesses and trades or for holidays in the Murat Bay.

Top Attractions within Ceduna

Oysterfest is an annual festival held in Ceduna, every October. Celebrations include a gala, a charity, concerts, parades and children activities, all provided through local sponsorship and centering on serving dishes based on oysters.

Ceduna Arts and Cultural Center is not only a place for exhibitions and galleries, but also, and most importantly, a place designed for local artists to come work, showcase and sell. The center gathers artists from Ceduna and from nearby cities, who want to express their ideas in a specially equipped space, offering support through workshops and trainings. Tourists are welcomed here to admire and buy art.

Old School House National Trust Museum was built in 1912 and was Ceduna's first school. Later, in 1981, it became a museum housing antique and artifact collections and numerous valuable objects that have a special historical significance.

Alexander's Beach and Spotters' Memorial is a location with a double value for Ceduna's visitors. First of all, Alexander's Beach, named after a local blacksmith, is a good place to spend holidays during summer vacations. Secondly, Spotters' Memorial is significant from a historical point of view, in remembrance of the Second World War spotters, who used to watch over bay for enemy ships.

National Parks near Ceduna cover a range of flora and fauna that is specific to the location, meaning that they have adapted to the sandy and dry environment. The most recognizable parks include: Decres Bay Wittelbee Conservation Park, Laura Bay Conservation Park, Nuyts Archipelago Conservation Park, Yumbarra Park, Goog's Track, Acraman Creek, Great Australian Bight and Nullarbor National Park.

Ceduna offers its visitors the possibility to admire beautiful panoramas anywhere around the city, to enjoy vacations on its sandy beaches and take in a little bit of Australian cultural and gastronomical experiences, all in one place.