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Castlemaine is located Northwest of Melbourne and has a population of approximatively 6,800 people. As the administrative center of Shire Mount Alexander, Castlemaine is a major economic location in the Victoria region, developing rapidly in the industrial field after being a part of the “gold rush” cities.

Top Attractions within Castlemaine

Castlemaine's Theater Royal was founded in 1852 and is the oldest ongoing theater operating in Australia. Its features now include theater performances, film screenings and live concerts. The venue is famous not only for its entertainment purposes, but also for its historical value, the architecture and decorations being restored periodically.

Castlemaine Diggings National Heritage Park is also a historical place from Australia. The park represents a mixture of nature and history, combining aboriginal relics and various species of both fauna and flora. Main activities include: walks, observing wildlife and admiring local vegetation.

Castlemaine Art Gallery and Historical Museum is the ideal venue for experiencing Australian history and culture, providing painting and sculpture exhibitions of art and heritage and several collections consisting of written materials, images and other local representative items.

Catslemaine State Festival celebrates Australian art as well, focusing on modern art that can be performed outdoors – theater, music, paining, sculpting. This biennial event gathers tourists and artists around the globe for its vast number of events.

Buda Historic Home and Garden completes the list of important artistic venues in Castlemaine. This original piece of architecture was the home of artistically passionate Leviny family and now functions as an art gallery. Visitors can admire a grate collection of art work indoors and also the house and its garden outdoors, being that these too where preserved and restored.

Victorian Goldfields Railway is another historic location in Castlemaine. Visitation tours and guidance are provided so that people can enjoy the feel of the era when steam trains where a luxury only available to the rich. For a full experience, visitors may take a ride in one of the steam locomotive or even be instructed on and practice driving it.

For history and culture, come to Castlemaine!