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Caroline Springs

Caroline Springs

Caroline Springs is a suburb, located about 25 kilometers west from central district from Melbourne. Caroline Springs is a fast-growing location that has transformed a lot lately. If you are ready to go on a vacation, then you must include Caroline Springs on your favorite destinations list. In Caroline Springs, you can do a lot of things. You will see a lot of native animals and plants, as well as numerous beautiful places. If you come here, you will surely find many possibilities to spend your time, but also to relax.

Top Attractions Within Caroline Springs

Kororoit Creek is a huge waterway discovered by James Flemming and Charles Grimes in 1803. It has a length of 80 kilometers, so is huge. Near by lived Wurundjeri Aboriginal people. Here, they fished, lived and hunted, so visiting this amazing place you will feel as if you would turn back in time. Even the name "Kororoit" seems to come from an Aboriginal word meaning "male kangaroo", although this theory has not been proved yet.

Mercure Hotels are the perfect place that will ensure you a lot of energy and relaxation while you will stay in Caroline Springs. Mercure Hotels are a brand of hotels where you will find all the comfort you need. The brand is run by French multinational corporation Accor. It is the perfect accommodation and you will find only quality services that will make your trip more pleasant.

Lake Caroline is a man-made lake that looks absolutely amazing! It is a recreational, relaxing place and perfect for taking photos or for a walk. Lake Caroline is the place where the sound of nature is more lively than ever and you will gain the peace you were longing for!

Caroline Springs is the right place where you will find inner peace and a fresh air that will surely make you a good impression!