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Carnarvon is located in Western Australia, on the coast line, north of Perth and has a population of approximatively 5,300 people. Founded in 1883, initially as port to the Indian Ocean, Carnarvon has access to Shark Bay in the South and Ningaloo Reef in the North.

War Memorial is an emblem for historical tourism in Carnarvon. It is located in the original place of the water tanks and symbolizes the tragic deaths during the Great War. Later additions include plaques to commemorate the Second World War, Korea and Vietnam Wars and also a wall of remembrance for the sinking of HMAS Sydney II during the Second World War. From a historical point of view, Carnarvon is a commemorative location for victims of the wars fought in the region.

Gascoyne Aboriginal Heritage Cultural Center offers an elaborate tour in the cultural historical background of Carnarvon and focuses on aboriginal heritage. The center has the following facilities: a cafe (serving local dishes), a souvenir shop, conference rooms, galleries for exhibitions, a 3D cinema and an outdoor performance space. This cultural center provides state of the art means for people to indulge in artistic manifestations and performances.

One Mile Jetty was built in 1897, as the need to export local productions, such as wool and livestock, developed into a larger business sector and developed Carnarvon's economy. Since then, the jetty has been continuously enlarged and became a touristic attraction as the longest jetty in the region. Local businesses near the jetty provide fishing trip logistics, kite surfing and wind surfing.

Carnarvon Plantations represent a 1020 hectares cultivated surface. Carnarvon farmers harvest and market form these plantations a large variety of fruits and vegetables, both common and exotic types. In this location, tourists can enjoy a guided tour of Bumbak's plantation, where they will be introduced into the growing and harvesting process, with the possibility of purchasing fresh fruits.