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The city of Campbelltown covers a 320 square kilometres surface and has a population of 150,000. It is situated south of Sydney and has be founded there, in 1820, by Governor Lachlan Macquarie. The city is limited by Georges River on one side and by a line of hills on the other.

Top Attractions within Campbelltown

Campbelltown Arts Center is a venue for artistic and cultural development, covering a wide range of services, such as: exhibitions, workshops, studios, a Sculpture Garden, a Japanese Garden, amphitheaters and a 180-seats performance studio. Manifestations of all arts take place throughout the entire year, from literature and theater to modern artistic manifestations, making Campbelltown a regional cultural center.

Festival of Fisher's Ghost is a local tradition, held every year for 10 days in November. The festival is named after Fred Fisher, whose mysterious death and latter ghost-like appearances became a Campbelltown legend. During the festival, people can enjoy parades, carnivals, fairs and exhibitions, accompanied by Fisher's Ghost Art Award and Fisher's Ghost Fun Run. This festival attracts numerous tourists to Campbelltown every year through its uniqueness and longevity.

Mega Mini Golf is Campbelltown's very own indoor mini golfing center. The venue features a 18 hole course with themes like Lost Jungle, Pharaoh's Tomb and the Wild West. The course follows the standardized American style of mini golfing and is designed to ensure family or group fun and can also house parties and corporate events. Golfing here can be enjoyed anytime as the entire location is indoors and air-conditioned.

Sugarloaf Horse Center is located near Campbelltown and offers tourists and residents the possibility of riding horses, either personally owned or from their establishment. It is a safe and remote location for horse-back riding in a lovely environment, enjoyed by tourists and Campbelltown inhabitants as well. Sugraloaf Horse Center also holds Own-a-pony days, which are not only perfect for children, who learn how to care fir an animal and have fun at the same time, but also for adults, as this is considered to be practice before buying a horse.

So come visit Campbelltown today and enjoy our many attractions!