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Caboolture is one of the most developed cities in the Queensland region of Australia. The population of Caboolture grew significantly throughout the years, since its founding, in 1842, and it is now headed towards 38.000. The name of Caboolture comes from the Aboriginal word 'kabultur', which means 'place of the carpet snake'. Do not worry, though, because Caboolture is not renown for snakes living here.

Caboolture grew to be an important urban centre, especially because the tourism industry has developed a lot. This is because more and more people are choosing to spend their vacation here and to enjoy the beautiful beaches and mountain scenery. The diversity that you can find here in Caboolture is another reason behind its popularity, because everyone can find something to do here.

Top Attractions within Caboolture

The beaches of Caboolture cannot be missed, because they are some of the most beautiful in the country. Not to mention that there are many sporting opportunities. You can swim, surf and skydive, or you could just enjoy a lovely day in the sun, while the golden sand comforts your feet.

The Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology is located nearby, and it offers a great insight on Australia's past and history, and not only. You will find here all kinds of art forms from many cultures of the world, including Europe and Egypt.

The Pumicestone Passage is waterway that links Bribie Island to the mainland. While this may not sound extraordinary, the beautiful sights that you will find here will make your trip worth it. The passage also hosts an important number of bird species.

Bribie Island, since we already talked about it, should not be missed either. Only 20 minutes away from Caboolture, you can either reach it by boat or by walking on the bridge that links it to the city. Once you get there, you will be able to see the marine sanctuary, national parks, and an impressive flora and fauna reservations. After seeing the beautiful dolphins, you can relax fishing or surfing, or admiring more than 350 bird species.