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Too much stress and too much noise, as well as the unhealthy food we eat, influence our mood and health, so from time to time we must go on a holiday to relax, to have fun and to get rid of all the stress within ourselves. There are many destinations, but you should choose Avalon. Avalon is one of those places that works as a pill which takes away all your problems and you will focus only on the beauties of this place. Avalon is a suburb of Sidney and is about 35 kilometers of Sydney central business district. Do not think you will get bored here! This is not true as you have wonderful restaurants, clubs, bowling, sailing clubs, cafes, numerous chops and supermarkets, so all you need, you will find.

Top Attractions Within Avalon

Avalon Beach is one of its main attractions and you can swim, surf or sail, no matter what you need, you must know a sweet disposition is always ensured. The color of the water is very relaxing and you can also play tennis or take photos. An episode of the television show "Baywatch" was filmed here, so imagine that this location is simply heavenly.

Pitwatter is a breathtaking area with many contrasts as beautiful rain forest and natural bushes, calm waters and rugged areas that will amaze you as soon as you arrive there. Pitwatter has also stores and companies, so it has an amazing and unbelievable diversity that you would not expect to find there. Sandstone sea cliffs and interesting species of animals as well as rocket platforms are the main features of this amazing place that is worth visiting.

The Northern Beaches are also a great place to visit and to relax. This wonderful place is near the Pacific Ocean and you can be sure will be an unforgettable thing. It extends up to Port Jackson, Broken Bay and Middle Harbor. If you are with your kids, they will also enjoy the beauty of this place and will have a lot of fun.

Avalon is a place that you will always have in your mind. Many tourists come here every year and they love it!