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Alpha is a township from Australia, in central western Queensland. Although at the beginning Alpha was a temporary terminus while building the Great Northern Railway, today looks different. Visiting Alpha, you will see the Capricorn Highway and the Alpha Creek. Today, Alpha, is a town that is used as a service center for traveling and for the pastoral properties. Alpha is 1051 km North West of Brisbane and 169 km West of Emerald. It is also called the "Town of Murals". Alpha is located on the Capricorn Highway and its streets are named after poets or other important cultural personalities. For example, the main street is called William Shakespeare. Alpha is famous for its 27 mural paintings on many buildings. Here, you will also find interesting things to see and many nice places to visit.

Top Attractions Within Alpha

The Jane Neville-Rolfe Gallery is the place you must visit for sure! You will find interesting and nice local art works. If you are an artist or you want to become one, here, you will find the possibility of finding out more about the local culture and artists. It is a recreational activity that will help you have a great time and if you have kids, you can be sure they will like it very much.

The Rowley Roberts information center gives you the opportunity to see how petrified wood looks like, you will also find interesting things about nature and you will take a lot of photos to show your friends.

Carnavon National Park is the perfect place for relaxing and for having a great time in nature. You will see beautiful rain forests and amazing white cliffs that will catch your eyes in a second. Here, you will think you are in heaven and you can always find quality accommodation. There are also camping areas available from June to October. All you have to do is to enjoy all the natural beauties you will find here. Alpha is great for a biologist, but also for a family with kids. You will always find something to do here and you will not get bored.