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Artarmon is a city located in New South Wales, Australia on the North Shore of Sydney. Artarmon is near the Sydney business and financial district and is a wonderful place to visit. Artarmon is actually a mix of residential areas, an industrial area and a commercial area. In Artamon, you will find many shops with different interesting things to buy on the Hampden Road. On the Wilkes Avenue, tourists will find nice and interesting restaurants with delicious food. Artmon is also the place where the Gore Hill Freeway meets the Pacific Highway. In Artarmon, you can travel by bus, by Artarmon railway stations and taxis.

Top Touristic Attractions Within Artarmon

Artarmon Public Library will surely impress you with its amazing architecture and with its size. It is on the 2 Elizabeth Street and it also has Internet access. You must enter just to see it and take photos of it. It began as a small library for children in 1944 and lately developed a lot, so is very old.

Cleland Park has about 140-acres and in the past was used by neighboring farmers for timber and for brick making. The park is divided into sites for hospital and for other smaller parks. You will see nice and cute animals that will make your kids very happy and you can also take photos. It has about 12 kilometers and you will see interesting bushes and other types of vegetation. The wildlife is spectacular and you will be fascinated about it.

Sydney central business district is a place you will always remember. Here, you will see huge skyscrapers and is huge, so you will surely be fascinated about it. It is under the authority of the local government and here are many important companies. Do not forget to visit the Pitt Mall, the Sidney Tower and the State Parliament House as well as other many important and huge buildings.

Artamon is a very beautiful place and if you have not yet decided which vacation destination to choose, do not forget to include this place on your list. It will be a great and wonderful memory, so visit it!